It’s Fair Book Time!

That time of year has come when the Fair Book arrives in the mail.  We hope you are all just as excited as we are to present the 151st Feversham Fall Fair Book “Serving With Community Spirit.”  Don’t forget to check out the event schedule inside the cover for a full list of weekend activities!  While you are flipping through don’t forget to bookmark all the fun activities and sections you want to participate in.  Any questions can be directed to our Facebook page, or contact the director in charge listed at the top of each page. We can’t wait to see everyone this year at the Fair.  The best part is that the Feversham Fall Fair never seems to loose its excitment, we think its because regardless of the generation the last 151 years has been served with proud community spirit and we hope to continue this tradition!

For the full copy of the Fair Book check out here! 2018 Feversham Fair Book FINAL